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CANANDAIGUA, NY – Finger Lakes Visitors Connection wants to know what makes you happiest about living in the Finger Lakes! If you are an Ontario County resident, we want to hear from you.  And, for those of you most willing to share the little details about living here that bring the most joy, we want to feature you in our upcoming visitors guide. 

Vine to Wine: Savor our Finger Lakes, the first of a two-part program series, will be presented by The Finger Lakes Museum at the New York Wine and Culinary Center on Thursday, November 15th.  A 45-minute documentary film will tell the stories of the hardships faced by early settlers in their unsuccessful attempts to tame wild New World grapes to make European-style wines.  Their eventual success gave birth to a fledgling wine industry, which was later crippled by the Temperance Movement. 

NAPLES, NY (SEPTEMBER, 2012) - Bristol Valley Theater, Naples’ award-winning live professional theater, will reprise and expand their FALL FOLK FEST for five Saturdays from September 22 – October 27. This rich harvest of music, which premiered in fall of 2010, features some of the region's most popular folk groups and will add a  fifth concert to the series this year. In addition, for the first time,  community musicians or aspiring musicians can get in on the fun by taking workshops with band members on October 6. 

CANANDAIGUA, NY – It’s time to take Finger Lakes cuisine and farm-to-table dining in New York’s Finger Lakes to the next level. It is time for the Finger Lakes Food Revolution! The Finger Lakes Food Revolution unites and recognizes the producers, promoters and lovers of locally-produced foods, wines, and dishes from the Finger Lakes Region. 

CANANDAIGUA  - This September, Dr. Allan Armitage, Professor of Horticulture at the University of Georgia, will visit Canandaigua to present gardening seminars at Sonnenberg Gardens and Finger Lakes Community College. Dr. Allan Armitage is the author of thirteen gardening books, including Armitage’s Garden Perennials – 2nd Edition (2011) and the classic Herbaceous Perennial Plants, considered the “bible” of perennials.  Dr. Armitage has given lectures around the world and appeared on The Martha Stewart Show. Numerous awards have been presented to Dr. Armitage throughout his career, including the Golden Trowel Award for his book Allan Armitage on Perennials from the Garden Writers of America; the Distinguished National Educator Award from the American Horticultural Society, the highest award for teaching in the country; the Medal of Honor, the highest award possible from the Garden Club of America, and many others.