Tattoo Traditions among the Northeast Native People

Seneca Art & Culture Center
7000 County Road 41
Victor, NY
Date(s): October 8, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Price: $8 general public/$5 members

"To Mark Upon the Body with the Point of a Needle"
Tattoo Traditions among the Northeast Native People

Presenter: Michael Galban
An honest look at the tradition of tattooing the body from documentary sources. Tattooing among the Northeastern Woodland peoples falls out of tradition in the early 1800's. To re-discover the extent of the tradition we must look at pre-1800 sources such as imagery, written accounts and even archeology. This presentation will outline what we currently know about the custom and perhaps where it might go from here.

“Tattoo Traditions of Native North America”

Presenter: Lars Krutak
For thousands of years astonishingly rich and diverse forms of tattooing have been produced by the Indigenous peoples of North America. Long neglected by anthropologists and art historians, tattooing was a time-honored traditional practice that expressed the patterns of tribal social organization and religion, while also channeling worlds inhabited by deities, spirits, and the ancestors. TATTOO TRADITIONS OF NATIVE NORTH AMERICA explores the many facets of indelible Indigenous body marking across every cultural region of North America. As the first book on the subject, it breaks new ground on one of the least-known mediums of Amerindian expressive culture that nearly disappeared from view in the twentieth century, until it was reborn in recent decade

Lars Krutak bio
Krutak worked for several years as a Repatriation Research Specialist at the National Museum of the American Indian, an Archaeologist in the Repatriation Office of the National Museum of Natural History, and today he is a Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology at the National Museum of Natural History.
In 2002, Krutak embarked on a world tour devoted to recording the lives, stories, and experiences of tattooed people around the globe. He has worked as an Anthropological Consultant for three National Geographic television documentaries, and is the Technical Advisor for one of the world’s largest and most popular tattoo websites, In 2003, he was a co-recipient of the American Book Award in Literature,

Tattoo Traditions among the Northeast Native People