Natures Health Club

The Finger Lakes Region's reputation as a great spot for recreation and relaxation is synonymous with all the health club benefits anyone could want. Walking in fresh air and enjoying a country landscape, selecting fresh from the farm foods, and enjoying the benefits of participating in fun activities - that you enjoy - while reconnecting with family and friends - that's what Nature's Health Club is all about. Imagine the world’s biggest and best-equipped health club. It’s all here, in the beautiful surroundings of the Finger Lakes and Ontario County.

natures-health-club-logoNature’s Health Club is 4,413 square miles of opportunities from canoeing to golfing to gardening to snowshoeing and of course, lots of fresh water and lake activities.  New York’s Finger Lakes is Nature’s Health Club - and this health club is open year round and 24-7 if you want it to be!

Perhaps the best thing about Nature’s Health Club is that it’s mostly free! Sure, there are some high end activities that have a fee, but you can also have days without end of club membership benefits following your personal interests for fun and fitness. 

Are you seeking wellness and a new sense of being?  Come on in the Finger Lakes and put together your days and nights of relaxation!