Naples, N.Y. - Not many people outside of New York State get to experience the grape pie. It's unique to the Finger Lakes Region and has remained an elusive foodie delight in our area since the 1960s. But this year, Arbor Hill is making the famous Naples Grape Pie available for all to try. Whether you are observing National Pie Day on January 23 or National Pi Day on March 14, a grape pie is a great way to celebrate. 
The true tradition of the Grape Pie began in 1961, with the Annual Naples Grape Festival. What started as a small festival has grown today to include dozens of bakers and over 30,000 grape pies. But while grape pies are plentiful during the harvest season, they are scarce the rest of the year.
That's where Arbor Hill got the idea to make the grape pie available year-round and now the Naples Grape Pie can be purchased on the winery's website. Pies are freshly made and shipped out within two days. The pies arrive frozen to maintain quality, but with a little thawing and some time in the oven, it will taste like you baked it fresh.
Arbor Hill also makes a Healthy Purple Grape Pie Topping & Pie Filling, so you can use your favorite pie crust recipe for your very own grape pie. Or simply purchase the Arbor Hill Healthy Purple Grape Pie kit, which even includes the crust. Add grape topping to strudels, ice cream and cheesecakes to enjoy the grape taste anytime.
"My family will use any excuse to pull out a good grape pie," says John Brahm, owner of Arbor Hill.  "And what better excuse is there than a day devoted entirely to pie?"
Grape Pies and fillings can be ordered online at:
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About Arbor Hill
Arbor Hill is a family owned and operated winery in Naples, NY. It opened in 1987 and features wines made with experimental grape varieties - 21 different wines, to be exact. The winery also produces 54 gourmet food products and in 2011 opened "Brew and Brats at Arbor Hill" in the historic carriage barn adjacent to the winery's tasting room and gift shop. The new restaurant couples locally-made sausages with its own craft beers and compliments them with a few of their very own gourmet sauces, like the Sherried Wine BBQ Sauce.
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