The Naples Grape Festival, held the last week of September since 1961, celebrates the area’s grape harvest, as well as local business owners, artists, farmers, musicians... I could go on.  For me, it also means celebrating the close of summer, and welcoming the start of fall. Knowing that some of you may have missed the festival this year or in past years due to other obligations – work, school, travel, Sunday football – let’s take a trip down festival memory lane and look through some of my favorite Instagram photos from the last few years of the Naples Grape Festival.

Instagram - @forgetfullucy

This is what the weekend was all about; celebrations for our grapes, the harvest, our area’s agriculture, beauty, and how lucky we are that this is all in our back yard!

Instagram - @jessikaboom315

The drive into Naples, with views like above, through hills and valleys with the scenery on fire, windows down and the sweet smell of grapes in the air is more than enough to make you fall in love. According to my fiancé as we cruised downhill into Naples, “It’s the best drive in the Finger Lakes.” I just happen to agree.

Instagram - @lionsphere

Man, oh man, the only thing I love more than grapes right off the vine is organic grapes right off the vine. And take a look at those quarts of juice bombs. Pop those suckers right in your mouth, and experience a burst of flavor from field to face in seconds.

Instagram - @Souldeepskintherapy

This is what I call a successful day at the festival! A plentiful bounty from the Land of Grapes and Honey.


Instagram – @k.r.k_momma

I’m not sure if this little cutie has been looking at the same photos of festival food that I have, or if she’s staring at a fresh-from-the-oven grape pie, but either way she couldn’t wait for her #FLXperience in Naples!

Instagram - @kaecatalano

I’m not sure this photo needs explaining. I mean, com’on, that’s just beautiful.


Instagram - @witchcrafter3

The only things more colorful than the scenery at the Naples Grape Festival are the vendors there. Look at this creative and vibrant display.

Instagram - @tgruschow

When I look at this photo all I can think is that these two are feeling and thinking exactly what I feel and think every time I see an alpaca. “How are these animals real creatures? They’re so cute; I want to pet them, why are they all the way over there?” (*Sadness ensues.*) At least there’s always the option of alpaca fleece socks!


Instagram – @Kaecatalano

It is unbelievable how packed the streets and sidewalks of Naples get during this two-day festival. In fact, this photo barely does it justice. Don your sneakers and prepare to leave your car in Rochester (not really) and walk to the festival. Once you’re there try not to have too much of a time-sensitive plan, with so much to see, do, hear, and taste, getting around takes some time.

Instagram -  @cynmariemon

If crowds are not your thing, and you have your fill of festival festivities before the day ends, relax and savor the sights and tastes of Inspire Moore Winery. Enjoy a wine tasting, and indulge your eyeballs in the glorious landscape of Naples, NY.