Our son called us from Atlanta. The temperature there – about 55 degrees.  He’d heard we were getting some snow, so he was checking in and being a true New Yorker, “wished he was here because he missed the snow.”  It’s always fun to be in town when a record is set. February 16, 2016. 17.9 inches of snow! This gives all of us "FLX - Finger Lakes" folks certain bragging rights. And, show off we did. I asked my son how he knew about our snow and he simply said, “all the Facebook posts.” 

He was right – that snow is really pretty and to get everyone’s rendition of the record breaking event through their Facebook posts is a lot of fun. If you’re not in the Finger Lakes right now, read my blog and you can enjoy too. I decided to grab a few of my friends’ pictures and get a little “winter white” on.

Tomorrow – we shall shovel. Today, we shall post to Facebook. Enjoy the show!  See credits (and a note to our town highway departments) below!




Here are a few photo credits - from the top! Tanya Hasseler, Sally Lindsay, Drew Broderick at Bristol Mountain, David Lee in Manchester, NY, Carol Hicks, Bristol and Honeoye Lake area, Laurie Gifford Adams with Mollie posing and waiting to go out, Vicki Money, Cindy Harris, Harris Studios and Ruud Vullers.

 And, in searching for photos, I also found this post from Russ Kenyon. He’s absolutely right. Thank you to our highway departments.  Here’s Russ’ quote –

 “Thanks to Highway Superintendents Brian Bernard, Tom Fleig, Ronald J Wilson, Jim Fletcher, Bill Wright, Brian Rayburn, and all of your crews and the rest of Ontario County's highway guys for working so hard today. Tough day on the roads, that's for sure. Thanks so much!!!”