All people of the world share the same sun, but in New York’s Finger Lakes we were blessed with a special treat of “Sunset Spectacular” a few nights ago.

Less than five minutes later my sister posted the sunset view from her home in Gorham - different than my pinks, purples and blues.

Captured at the same time, her sunset was made of oranges and golds with a barn backdrop and a window teasing the sunset to come in. I was deep into some kitchen event when my husband alerted me to the beautiful sky out our western window.laurie-adams-gorham-sunset

Grabbing the cell phone, I snapped a couple of shots as the colors shifted and subsided for the night. Next, I decided to share these unexpected gems and I threw out a challenge on Facebook and Instagram, posting and tagging this awesome picture with:  #‎flx ‪#‎sunset anyone? ‪#‎Canandaigua in December.mountain-horse-farm-naples-exterior-sunset-clouds

mountain-horse-farm-naples-exterior-sunset-fire-blazeAnd, then another and another! The above photos from Ruud Vullers. Ruud’s images looked like the fields were on fire. Yellows and reds and blazes of orange. I conceded to Ruud that his sunset photos topped mine - his second showed layering clouds grabbing and holding in the color, but some escaping the dappled sky.finger-lakes-sunset-carol-hicks

Just like music which is meshed together to make a masterpiece, Christmas joined my fast growing collection of sunset photos. Carol Hicks's above photo from Honeoye represented quintessential America. Barns, fields, grazing horses and a proud, meticulously lit tall pine tree were set in place with the backlight of gentle blues and soft colors sneaking through the sky.seneca-lake-sunset

Seneca Lake joined the game when one of my distant cousins shared her view of from the east side.

Sunset admiration knows no age limits. Check out my son’s view from his apartment in the city. It’s not just the woods and the lake that can capture the moment as proven in this warm, colorful photo.camelot-apartments-canandaigua-exterior-sunset

I've read one time why the Finger Lakes Region was oft-noted and regaled for its sunsets; I’ll honestly admit that I can’t remember the scientific details. I do know this – I have lots of fellow believers in the power and the beauty of the sunsets of the Finger Lakes.Sometimes “winter” takes a negative hit in our area – but one thing that can never take a hit around here are our sunsets – no matter the season.  Check out this photo of horses, which may be my favorite – also from Ruud Vullers. This was last winter, but who cares - same sun, same effect. It doesn’t get much prettier than that.mountain-horse-farm-naples-exterior-sunset-horses

But, wait it does get prettier and it's still winter. I only had to wait until the next morning when I was going to work and there it was – a sunrise to rival the night before.sunrise-lake-water-boats-scenic

There will be more sunrises and sunsets. But, I don't take them for granted. Heed these words from science fiction writer Jo Walton: "There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them."

I concur.

Want to share your sun – in the morning or in the evening? Share with me on or Instagram at @VisitFingerLakes with #FLXperience. Can’t wait, I don’t want to miss any of them.