Grape pie, Finger Lakes Rieslings and "other" wine tastings, more grape pie, purple fire hydrants, more grape pie and some Concords here and there … the Finger Lakes Region goes purple in Naples this weekend.

Enjoy a slice of Grape Pie in Naples, NY

The Finger Lakes will remain blue – but everything else this weekend is designed to celebrate purple – especially, the grape harvest and our vibrant Finger Lakes Wine Country.

Brews and Brats at Arbor Hill

It’s Naples Grape Festival Weekend and it’s one of my favorite weekends in the Finger Lakes. Naples comes alive with fun activities, music, artists’ works on display and more!  How many grape pies will you decide to take home?  Well, one time I decided to take home “a grape pie”.  But, the girl behind the counter misheard me and brought out “eight grape pies”.  I smiled as I was imagining walking into my house with eight grape pies – but then realized how common this must be. You see there is literally a line of cars from Rochester to Naples this weekend to take in the flavors of our fall season. It must not be uncommon for someone to order EIGHT grape pies – otherwise why would she have even considered that a common request. And, there you have it, part of the fun of Naples is just that – the passion of the grape.  There are many grape pie stands and some, including Monica’s sell other delectables, like Chicken Pot Pie!

And, as for a bonus or two? The people in Naples are always so nice and there are some great places to eat and drink and be merry!  Make a weekend of it at:  Artizann’s Gifts and Gallery, Jerome’s U-Pick, Brown Hound Bistro, Arbor Hill Grapery, and Inspire Moore Winery.  Another World Bed and Breakfast is a great place just outside of town to relax and go back for a second day of fun.  This Saturday and Sunday … it’s all about Naples! 

Check out this link on our website for more details of what’s guaranteed to be a grapey good time!Concord and Niagara Grapes