It's the Finger Lakes and the leaves are on the turn. Last year during the fall season my, then fiance, (Brandy) and I decided that Fall foliage in the Finger Lakes would be a perfect backdrop for our engagement photos. With so many great places to visit in Ontario County, it was hard to pick a spot for our photos. Fall in the Finger Lakes is truly a photographer’s delight and the perfect time to start snapping some shots!

Off we went to the Bristol Hills embarking on our quest for the perfect shot. Our first stop along the way was the overlook on County Road 12, just north of Naples. The Overlook is a great place to stop for a picnic or just take in the views. With the vibrant colors and the beautiful blue skies looking back over Canandaigua Lake, sometimes you just have to let the photos speak for themselves.

If you have ever had photos taken before, we all know that one isn’t enough. So back in the car we went and over the hill and through woods to Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill. It has spectacular views year-round. The park is home to the “Jump off” – a name for an overlook to the valley below. The Jump-off is a  perfect vantage point to see the rolling Bristol Hills. The name is deceiving though – don’t jump! The park also boasts excellent amenities for camping and trails for all you outdoor enthusiasts.

The last stop during our quest for photos was the Ontario County Pathways. We went to the Freshour Road access point just outside of Canandaigua, off Routes 5 and 20. Spanning close to 21 miles, these pathways can be used for cross country skiing, biking, hiking and more. Before heading out to the pathways my wife and I decided to go get “the kids”. Our four-legged K-9 friends were ready to go for a stroll down the pathways, too. As with any pet friendly couple – of course, they made a few of our scenic shots too.  The neat thing about foliage on the pathways is that it is a canopy of dappled light coming through some great maple and oak trees. The pathways were in full color and vibrant as can be – fantastic! Just a few steps onto the trails you were immediately immersed by color.

Cyrus, my Golden Retriever, loves the water and there was the stream. Luckily he discovered the stream after the photos. He has a rather small attention span when it comes to water and birds. He is definitely true to his breed. For the other little guy, Tucker, he isn’t much of the outdoors type so he tends to stick to trails and avoid water at all costs.

The photos came out great from each location, and with some many great photos it was hard to choose.  So whatever the occasion may be this fall, be sure to get out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.

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