Let’s play a game of word association. When you read the word in bold, say in your head the first thing that comes to your mind. 
Finger Lakes:
Did you say wine trail? With more than 120 wineries for visitors to choose from, it’s not a surprise that wine comes to mind. But that’s not what I thought. I’m a bit biased, but when you say Finger Lakes — I think golf.
While I am very proud of the world-class wineries we have here in the Finger Lakes, I’m also very proud of the world-class golf we have here. Now, here’s the part of the blog where you thought I was going to give you my sales pitch on Ravenwood, but I won’t do that. Instead, I’d like to talk about why golfing in the Finger Lakes can be the perfect outdoor experience during your visit. As I’ve said to the thousands of golfers we see each year, there’s more to golf than just golf. Here’s what I mean …
Yes, CrossFit is a word that might come to mind to associate with exercise. However, did you know if you were to walk your entire round at Ravenwood, you’d journey roughly four miles (depending on how straight you are hitting the little white ball that day)? That would be like walking the distance of 70 football fields. Talk about a cardio workout that will make all of those CrossFitters jealous!
Wildlife. Trees. Lakes. All worthy words associated with nature. All things you see on the golf course, as well.
We’ve all heard the famous Mark Twain quote, that “golf is a good walk spoiled.” But what makes it a good walk? On most golf courses, the sun is shining, the trees are swaying and the birds are chirping. You might even hit a few tee shots into the glistening water! This is not just at Ravenwood, but at all of the wonderful courses in the Finger Lakes area.
George Eastman and history go hand in hand for our region. But what about the game of golf’s history?
What we love most about golf is our game’s history. Every round has a “Kodak Moment,” every moment has a character. Remember that shot off of that oak tree? Or that time you chipped in to save par? Or perhaps you only choose to remember what happened while enjoying a local craft beer on the 19th hole? Memories like that are fairly unique to the golf course and are one of the benefits of what happens on the course.
When someone says technology, the imagination runs wild with words that can be associated. The word we think of is “easy.” Technology has made our lives easier. So unless you’re a cartographer, have your GPS handy when you visit our region. You’ll be able to find everything our region has to offer in wine, beer, food and outdoor activities.
On the course? We’ve got you covered. All of our golf carts are equipped with GPS that displays a course map, a live leaderboard and yardage markers.
We can go any direction with this word association.
The Finger Lakes region has wonderful people who call this area home. We’re passionate about what we do, and we work hard at it. Why? We want to show you how lucky we are to live here (and golf here). When you golf at Ravenwood, or any other course, you’ll talk with some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. That’s a benefit that most brochures leave out, but trust us — it makes a difference. Like our wine and our golf, our people are world class.