ISOC … It’s here at Finger Lakes Casino and Racetrack … the International Series of Champions for snowmobilers is racing, rolling, jumping, and pushing the limits. This event is The NASCAR of snowmobile racing! Farmington plays host on the 24th and 25th of February at the Finger Lakes Casino to this fun filled winter event. The pictures that you see here are some that I took the first year that this event was at the race track and it was so much fun. This event isn’t just for the participants it’s a great spectator sport. I was amazed at the speed, the skill, and the drama associated with this Snocross event.  And, yes – we DO have snow here in the Finger Lakes – and what we didn’t have naturally this year – the big guns at the Finger Lakes Casino made! In fact, just as an aside, I want to point out that our February snow total is actually ahead of the normal. So all you naysayers out there, come on out and enjoy the white stuff, that I also admit that we waited way too long for this year. 

Check out these pictures to see how the race works – but better yet – Go Today and watch the aerial acrobatics like you haven’t seen before.  And, one more hint?  When you’re ready for a little warmth. Go inside the Racino for a bit of gaming (you have 100 machines to chose from)  – and a trip to the 100 item plus buffet that they host every day. 

Winter offers great indoor and outdoor options in the Finger Lakes … so check through our whole website and you’ll see all the fun things to do! Here are three other quick recommendations of things that I have on my “winter list” …

Eastview Mall – o.k. do that’s any season – but do you know how many mall walkers we see there. It’s a great, safe, entertaining spot to head to in the winter. (great sales too!). I’ll admit that I just spent a bit of time at Coldwater Creek – loved the ladies there who helped wardrobe me for the Ice Wine Festival Fashion Show!

Bristol Mountain – I’m a cross country skier – and at the top of the mountain, the trails are open and even lit at night!

Sit by a fireplace or two with a great glass of wine from the Finger Lakes.  Some of the best fireplaces going … Belhurst Castle; The Inn on the Lake; Bristol Harbour Resort!

OK …so here’s one more idea …. Park West Spa in Canandaigua.  Isn’t a great deep tissue massage just the thing you need to warm up those winter bones? I think so!  Check that out too!  I’m going to stop for now – because I’m wasting time typing when I could be out doing these things!