One of my favorite scenic drives is Route 21 between Canandaigua and Naples.  Whatever the season, there’s a special beauty to be found. In winter, you can really see the shapes of the hills and gullies. In summer, you can see all the activity on the lake.  Of course, the fall foliage is spectacular.  But my favorite season is spring.  There’s a mist of green in the trees, and an occasional wild cherry in bloom.  The grass is a particular shade of green you only see in the spring, and every tulip and daffodil and forsythia bush is a sweet surprise!

We’ve had lots of rain, and the gullies are rushing with waterfalls. The marinas are gearing up, and the parks and trails are inviting you to come and discover what’s peeking out of the winter landscape.

It’s no coincidence that the Canandaigua Wine Trail follows Route 21! While you’re enjoying the beautiful spring scenery, you can stop by Heron Hill Tasting Room at Bristol, Arbor Hill Grapery in Bristol Springs, or Inspire Moore Winery in Naples for a tasting or to buy a bottle of wine to go along with your spring picnic.

In springtime, the scenery seems to change almost daily – I’ll be taking another scenic drive this weekend!