Wegmans is so much more than a grocery store, that is reinforced even more after Rebecca and I attended an event there last week.  Wegmans was hosting area business professionals to showcase their catering opportunities, reinforce their knowledge of their products and show off their new outdoor event space opportunities.  The event was complete with yummy food and great atmosphere. I was impressed! Wines from the Finger Lakes winery, Heron Hill, were served along with tasty hors d’oeuvres made with  local cheeses and sausages (Hartmann’s, of course), and a variety of desserts including mini root beer floats.  Scrumptious!Catering services from Wegmans include service with a smile

Something deliciously new to me was a traditional Greek food known as dolmades. What’s a dolmade, you ask?  It’s actually a stuffed grape leaf, another perfect culinary fit for our Finger Lakes Region a perfect choice for any party or group you might be hosting. I even went back on the weekend and purchased some for my family to enjoy.

Wegmans is nationally recognized for their great customer service and we weren’t disappointed! Our Wegmans hosts were Rene, Brett, and Bob, friendly and courteous as expected and their attention to every detail was obvious. Even actor Alec Baldwin’s mother refused to move from this area because she wouldn’t move where there wouldn’t be a Wegmans store! 

From a regional cuisine perspective, Wegmans also does a great job of supporting and recognizing local farmers and producers by providing tasting stations throughout the store as well as displays and banners to identify local farmers and producers, like Red Jacket Orchards.

Most people don’t think of Wegmans as a place to tour, but it is always a must for tourists to visit and I know that for any of the visitors or groups I can influence, Wegmans will be a part of their Finger Lakes itinerary.Fresh is best and local farms love the local connection