Prescription Nature: Food, Forest, Animals and Health! Wellness Retreat

Redeemable: 10/13/2020 - 10/16/2020

Offered By: Mountain Horse Farm
7520 West Hollow Road
Naples, NY 14512
Phone: (585) 374-5056

Interested in learning easy, delectable ways to put more plant-food on your plate? - Looking for simple, practical approaches to jump start happier, healthier living? - Ever feel that nature holds answers to much of our modern dis-ease? - Come together with others who want to break some life-long habits and make a few small changes that can have a profound and lasting life-impact. Free and almost-free, evidence-based, natural options abound! You will be supported, challenged, respected and stretched to get in touch with what works for you and move into designing your healthier life. --- Details @