Carolabarb Park, South Bristol

Embrace the Finger Lakes Lifestyle and Eclipse Magic in Your Own Backyard!

Living in the Finger Lakes region is truly a blessing, and we have yet another reason to celebrate its awesomeness. In 2024, an extraordinary event will grace our skies—the total solar eclipse. Imagine the joy of stepping out into your own backyard and being able to witness this celestial spectacle in all its glory. The Finger Lakes not only offers a remarkable place to call home but also provides a front-row seat to the wonders of the universe. Embrace the beauty of our region and prepare to be captivated as the skies unveil a truly magical experience right in your own backyard.

Eclipse viewing events in the works


More details coming soon. Hear historic interpretation on eclipses through the years, Traditional...

Ontario County Eclipse Durations

  City or Town

  Duration of totality  

  Partial eclipse begins  

  Total eclipse begins  

  Total eclipse ends  

  Partial eclipse ends  


3m 4s

2:07:04 PM

3:20:34 PM

3:23:38 PM

4:33:36 PM


2m 54.7s

2:07:01 PM

3:20:38 PM

3:23:32 PM

4:33:36 PM


2m 37.2s

2:06:43 PM

3:20:33 PM

3:23:10 PM

4:33:28 PM


2m 49.9s

2:07:14 PM

3:20:51 PM

3:23:41 PM

4:33:44 PM

Clifton Springs

2m 56.1s

2:07:32 PM

3:21:02 PM

3:23:58 PM

4:33:53 PM


3m 18.7s

2:07:19 PM

3:20:37 PM

3:23:56 PM

4:33:42 PM


2m 18.3s

2:07:41 PM

3:21:31 PM

3:23:49 PM

4:34:02 PM


2m 14.4s

2:07:24 PM

3:21:19 PM

3:23:33 PM

4:33:52 PM


3m 3.6s

2:07:24 PM

3:20:51 PM

3:23:55 PM

4:33:47 PM


1m 42.5s

2:06:51 PM

3:21:09 PM

3:22:42 PM

4:33:36 PM


2m 48.9s

2:07:39 PM

3:21:11 PM

3:24:00 PM

4:33:57 PM

Port Gibson

3m 9.5s

2:07:34 PM

3:20:55 PM

3:24:05 PM

4:33:52 PM


2m 18.4s

2:07:31 PM

3:21:22 PM

3:23:41 PM

4:33:56 PM

South Bristol

2m 24.6s

2:06:57 PM

3:20:51 PM

3:23:16 PM

4:33:37 PM


3m 16.2s

2:07:10 PM

3:20:32 PM

3:23:48 PM

4:33:37 PM

West Bloomfield

3m 12.6s

2:06:54 PM

3:20:21 PM

3:23:34 PM

4:33:29 PM