Solar Eclipse Resources

As you embark on this extraordinary cosmic journey, we are here to connect you with a curated selection of resources that will enhance your eclipse adventure. From reliable guides and scientific information, we have handpicked the best resources to ensure you have all the tools you need for an unforgettable eclipse experience. Let Finger Lakes Visitors Connection be your trusted gateway to explore the wealth of external resources available for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse Health and Safety Tips

Keep Your Eyes Protected

  • Only look at the sun while wearing proper solar eclipse eyewear. These are NOT sunglasses! 

  • The proper viewing glasses are International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 12312-2 certified eclipse glasses from a trusted source. Further information about safe viewing can be found on the American Astronomical Society website.

  • Don't have solar glasses? View the eclipse through a pinhole projector! These can be made with everyday house hold items. 

  • Glasses can be shared with friends and family during the eclipse - but again - only look up when it's your turn with them on. 

  • Glasses can be removed during the limited time of totality to experience full darkness around you, but continue to use caution when the moon is not covering the sun. 

Travel Preparation

  • Do not stop to view the eclipse along the roadway, especially interstates, parkways, and freeways. Choose a safe viewing destination off the road and arrive early to ensure you are ready for the big show!

  • Have a full tank of gas prior to travels, and especially prior to April 8, so you're all set if you're stuck in heavy traffic or the gas demand is high that day. 

  • Stock your vehicle with water, snacks, and any prescription medication in the event you're stuck in traffic. 

  • Place yourself at your viewing location early and consider staying there late. Give yourself plenty of travel time. 

  • If you have a safe viewing spot at home, consider viewing the eclipse from there to avoid road congestion. 

  • Prepare for the weather - springtime can be dry and warm or cold and wet, prepare with proper footwear and outwear incase of snow, rain, or mud. 

Communication Reminders

  • Consider using 511NY for current travel conditions. Streets or bridges may be closed and depending on your location you may run into extensive traffic jams. 511NY apps can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.

  • Cell phone service may be strained. Text 911 in the case of an emergency.


Additional tips for residents and business owners can be found through the Ontario County Chamber of Commerce


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