Inspiration for the Community to #VisitConfidently

When you are ready to visit Ontario County and the Finger Lakes region, we are here to ensure you will #VisitConfidently. Below, you will find some messages and creative ways from locals on how you can enjoy the Finger Lakes - right from your house! 

Ontario County Comes to You!

Tips and Tricks for Physical Distancing and Social Connection

Your Growing Guide of Things to Do During Physical Distancing
By Melissa Knoblauch on March 26, 2020

Songs, advice, and fun are all here. 

Students, coaches, favorite teachers, town leaders and small business owners share their talents and wisdom for all of us. Download and share.

This year we honored our industry with a slide show for National Travel & Tourism Week with the theme of Spirit of Travel.​

A rendition of “Give My Regards to Broadway” by Supv. Green

Supervisor Bob Green performs “Servant of All.”

Red Jacket Nurses Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Huber remind you why social distancing is so important!

“Lean on Me” says Town of Bristol Supervisor Bob Green.

Principal Hall says we hope we can be together again soon​!

Can you guess the tune? Andy Griffith’s “The Fishin' Hole,” performed by Supv. Green

“I Hate Quarantine!” by Canandaigua Academy music students!


“The Prayer” performed beautifully by Supv. Green.

Mrs. Blazey, “Practice physical distancing, but stay socially connected (virtually!).”

Stay home, stay safe, and reduce the risk says Coach Lalik.

AD Franceschi says she misses and loves you!

Coach Gage says “Stick to It.”

Follow Coach York’s tips for a great day!​

Coach Schaertl, Moose and Little Buddy share their take on social distancing!​

Mrs. VanGorder says, “Stop and take a deep breath.” We got this.

Mrs. Scammell’s advice: Be Brave, Be Kind, Stay Home!

Mr. Dunham says, “What you do will make a difference!”

Be like Sydney -- running keeps her in shape!

Mr. Paino’s adorable message: “Wash your hands!”​