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Artists have always been drawn to Ontario County and the Finger Lakes because they found inspiration in its scenic beauty, including waterfalls, the rolling hills and four distinct seasons. Performing, musical, visual, and literary artists have long found something distinctly special here.

Thanks to glacial recession 10,000 years ago, Ontario County residents now live in a beautiful landscape of scenery, dotted with five of the 11 Finger Lakes including Hemlock, Canadice, Canandaigua, Honeoye, and Seneca Lake. In Ontario County you’ll find camping, hiking, mountain biking trails, picnic facilities and breathtaking views. The pastoral landscape makes the county’s rural network of roads ideal for cyclists. 

History and culture are alive and well in the Finger Lakes and Ontario County, with museums, historic parks, special events, and landmarks that let you get up close and personal with Ontario County's storied past and modern-day culture.