Digital Accessibility: 5 things to do right now

Gone are the days of building a website in a simple table, with minimal user research or analytical data. Today, websites are far more sophisticated and personalized to create an exceptional user experience across many platforms. This vast advancement requires more data, and more data requires more compliance and regulation.

It is important that access to information can be available to everyone, regardless the individual abilities. Websites that adhere to accessibility guidelines can improve website traffic, earn more revenue and add a layer of responsiveness and inclusiveness that appeals to all users.

Join us for this session and learn basic practices to make your online presence more digitally accessible. At this FLVC University session, we will touch on each of these areas:

  • What are Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WACG)?
  • How to perform a self-audit to identify areas for improvement.
  • Best practices for optimizing your digital content.
  • What questions should you ask your website developer?
  • Free and paid tools for monitoring on-going and future optimization.

Our goal for you after the seminar is to be educated on website accessibility and help you remove barriers that prohibit users from becoming customers, avoid litigation issues, and create a better overall user experience for everyone.

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