How to Beer and Wine Trail

The most frequently asked questions we get regarding wineries and breweries are the following: When in the Finger Lakes, how do you choose which winery to go to? Which brewery you should not miss? Which wine and brew combos are must-dos? What about those places that make hard cider and hard liquor? This page guides you on where to start to learn about Finger Lakes wineries, brewerieshard cideries and other great places to sip and savor!

There are about 130 wineries in the Finger Lakes region, and an ever-expanding number of breweries, brew pubs, distilleries and cideries. 

heron-hill-wine-tasting-canandaigua-wine-trail.jpgHere are our tips for how to "Beer or Wine Trail.”

1. Start at a place where you can taste wine or beer from several different producers. The New York Kitchen serves wines, beers, spirits and ciders from producers all over the state, while the Finger Lakes Wine Center at Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Site specializes in Finger Lakes wines. You might find a label that especially intrigues you, and you can plan a trip to that particular winery or brewery.

2. Next, hit one of the wine or beer trails.  Finger Lakes wine country is laced with several organized wine trails and a beer trail that encompass the entire region. Decide which lake you'd like to go around to find your favorite wineries. For breweries, the trail does not necessarily follow the lakes, but you can map out a route that takes you around one if you wish. We recommend having a designated driver in your party. 

3. Join a tour. If you want to let someone else do the driving and enhance your tasting travel along the way, consider a professional tour or limo experience. Check out Crush Beer and Wine Tours for an educational themed and guided tour. In the Finger Lakes, you'll also see limo tours to the wineries and breweries provided by wine transportation companies such as Finger Lakes Winery Tours

4. Check our events calendar or the Finger Lakes wine and beer trail special events listings! The wine trails host seasonally themed events such as Seneca Lake Wine Trail's Deck the Halls.

5. Hands-on is "in" along the trails where you can learn to pair your favfinger-lakes-new-york-wine-and-culinary-center-canandaigua-wine-tasting-glasses-on-tasting-matorite tastings with local food. Speaking of food, while you're on the wine trail, be sure to grab a meal at one of the farm-to-table restaurants along the way.  

6. Finger Lakes wines, beers, and other beverages make great gifts. Depending on where you live, you may be able to have wine or other beverages shipped to your home. Most tasting rooms sell other memorable gifts such as glassware, handmade art, and specialty foods.

7. Share your experience along the way on social media. We recommend #FLXperience as a way to connect with other Finger Lakes fans.