Roseland Wake Park, Canandaigua

Roseland Waterpark & Wake Park

Warm weather brings the anticipation of fun under the beautiful summer sun. Look no further than Roseland Waterpark and Roseland Wake Park in Canandaigua, NY. These summertime attractions are sure to make the summer vacation list where the entire family can spend the day sliding, gliding, splashing, and jumping.

For all you wakeboarders, Roseland Wake Park is the first and only cable wake park of its kind in the northeastern United States. An ultramodern, nine-tower overhead cable system pulls up to nine thrill-seeking riders at a time around the park’s Muar Lake in Canandaigua.

Right next door, Roseland Waterpark is ideal for families and groups. 56 acres of body slides, speed slides, water cannons, splash factory, river rafting, a 27,000-square-foot wave pool with beach entrance, and other water-themed rides that will entertain the kids and adults for hours.

Both parks are ideal for birthday parties and group outings, with food courts and picnic areas when you are ready to relax.