Spring on the City Pier and Boathouses, Canandaigua Lake

FLVC Strategic Plans

Finger Lakes Visitors Connection’s Board of Directors believes in the adage, "to have a plan and to work the plan” to strategically chart the future of tourism in Ontario County. The current strategic plan was approved in June of 2021, after the conclusion of a strategic study, input from many stakeholders and tourism experts. This particular plan was done using Destinations International template, scope, and tools. It was presented to the board of directors and all key constituencies at the June 6, 2021 Board of Directors Meeting - and adopted unanimously. The board welcomes participation across our communities and our industry for participation in achieving these goals. If you would like to join a committee contact us. 


Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Finger Lakes Visitors Connection (FLVC) is a destination marketing and management organization focused on the progressive growth of the travel industry in Ontario County...

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@visitfingerlakes.com.