Artizanns Gifts from the Finger Lakes, Naples

Locally Made

During your visit be sure to experience the products that make the Finger Lakes Region unique. With our abundant farms and local artists, locally made items highlight our natural resources and passionate residents that produce the highest quality products. From wine and juices to maple syrup, jams, and breads. You can take home a taste of the Finger Lakes. 

 In addition to so many farm stands and roadside shops, a quick stop at Wegmans, is on many visitors check list. A nationally recognized grocery store founded in our area, has a wide choice of homegrown produce and homemade products sourced from local farms and businesses. It also carries books and other featured items from the area.

There is one locally made delectable dessert that should not wait until you get home; that's the grape pie. Over 70,000 grape pies are made annually in Naples. You are in for a real treat! 

Be sure to take some treasures from the Finger Lakes home with you.