Canandaigua Lake

Ring Of Fire

Come experience the beautiful Ring of Fire, FLX style. Creating a ring of fire around the lakes is not a new tradition, but the focus varies from town to town.

To coincide with Fourth of July fireworks, residents on Honeoye Lake also have a Ring of Fire on July 3 to celebrate.

Every Saturday of Labor Day weekend, Canandaigua Lake's perimeter glows at dark. The first fire is lit at the top of Bare Hill overlooking the lake followed by residents around the shoreline who then light a fire or flare that creates a ring around the entire lake, marking the unofficial end of summer.

Regardless of the reason for the celebration, a Ring of Fire around the lakes is a stunning celebratory display that will be etched in your memory.

Fourth Of July

Celebrate July 4th in the beautiful Finger Lakes region! It's good old-fashioned family fun with great locations to see fireworks displays on the water & plenty of entertainment.