Finger Lakes Visitors Connection, the official tourism promotion agency for Ontario County, has released a Finger Lakes Activity Guide, a digital publication that features dot-to-dot puzzles, word searches, mad libs, coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, word scrambles and more, all in the theme of the Finger Lakes, and fun! The FLX Activity Guide is available online at and has puzzles and games for all ages and abilities.

“It’s time to play again!” said Valerie Knoblauch, president and CEO of Finger Lakes Visitors Connection. “Our Finger Lakes area has so much to explore and enjoy and share and learn. We invite you to come inside this guide, and have some Finger Lakes fun.”

Every activity in the new guide is tied to a category of travel in Ontario County for people to learn about, dream about or visit – when and if it’s appropriate. Each section/puzzle/game leads a reader to the travel and tourism assets of the area. For instance, the crossword puzzle is all about the Finger Lakes, while a word search leads you to museums and maps leading the reader on self-made itineraries. Throughout the activity book, the “player” is encouraged to send in their work and their art so it can be shared. The guide promotes learning and dreaming about Ontario County.

The Activity Guide connects back digitally to the tourism bureau’s website,, where the user will find a host of activities and information, including a list of businesses that are open, virtual activities, hidden talents from community members, and more. The guide, through the use of QR codes, will be forever green as it is connected back to the Visit Finger Lakes landing pages and URLs.

While in a digital format now, ultimately the piece will be printed in “tear off sheet format.”

“We imaging our guide will be brought in the car for the kids when families are traveling or completed at the desktop at home. It’s very flexible,” said Knoblauch. “Either way, we are getting across the idea that travel and tourism is there – you can dream, learn, and go again someday.”

The activity guide celebrates the beauty of the Finger Lakes and challenges your mind and your Ontario County knowledge.

“If you’ve finished all the puzzles in your pantry, get this guide,” said Knoblauch. “Our bodies may be stuck inside during quarantine, but our minds are free to roam.”

To download your copy of the FLX Activity Guide, go to