Historical Map and History of Ontario County provided by Library of Congress

Update on Virtual Museum Project as of April 1, 2024


Project Overview/Scope

Two year project to be finished by April 2025

Market NY CFA – Capital Grant - Valued at $900,000 ($180,000 grant – remainder local)

Ontario County Liaison – Tom Harvey, Planning Department.

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Original Timeline based on 3/15/23 Start

Contract Signed: 6/20/23 pushing project start out by three months.

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Major Activities:


Meetings with various historians (our content generators) – May and November 2023

Individual meetings with key leaders: Victor, Farmington

Participation in National Historic Marker Day

Ongoing submission for inventory

Additional Considerations

Looking ahead to America’s 250; sensitivity to Sullivan Expedition and Native American History


20 – One from each town (plus county)

10 – Thematic (tourism)

10 – New

10 – Educational with Student engagement

Recommended Inventory Item

         Inventory as of April 2, 2024

*Note: SEQR Review Assistance from Ontario County Planning Department

Identify purveyors of this technology

Several identified with specific meetings to explore before issuing RFP. 

1. STQRY – Rochester based

2. 4th Idea – Buffalo based; award winning agency representing several tourism clients.

  • Previously assisted Dutchess County on their America’s 250 coaster project - coaster that display a small George Washington when a phone is pointed at it. 

3. Magic Studios – RIT, in cooperation with STQRY.

4. Hologram

RFP’s and SEQR

                April 9 2024 PEQ SEQR Virtual Museum Packet letter

                April 9, 2024 PEQ Resolution - to initiate environmental review          

RFP #1.  Inventory Update and Details for Top 20 or all 50

Considerations: What does planning need to proceed. We’ll have that inventoried

SEQR.  Work with Planning

RFP #2. AR Companies - Awarded

RFP #3. Content Coordinator - Awarded

RFP #4. Technology Integration

RFP #5. Physical signage needs, production

RFP #6. Signage installation, clean-up, etc.


Selection of Creative Services

STQRY was selected for creative services to work alongside RIT's MAGIC studios

FLVC Hosted a Virtual Museum Information Session

On March 19, Finger Lakes Visitors Connection hosted a public information session on the upcoming Ontario County Virtual Museum Project at Finger Lakes Community College. As the Virtual Museum continues to make progress, FLVC gave an update and hosted an open questions session for anyone interested. Among attendees were historians from across the county, tourism industry partners, Ontario County officials, and members of the community. FLVC’s Valerie Knoblauch gave an overview of the project, including where the idea came from, what signs will be included in the museum, the next steps of the project, as well as introducing the creative agencies who will work with FLVC to create this experience. In attendance and speaking at the event was STQRY’s Kyle Pierce & Thomas Dunne. STQRY will be the creative lead on this project and provide the platform, create a digital tour, and work with FLVC’s Theresa VanWormer in writing the stories. Additionally in attendance and presentation, were two RIT professors, Susan Lakin and Joe Geigel, and Diane Catsburrow Linnet, an MFA Student at RIT who is also an accomplished producer at AniMAGIC Studios. RIT’s MAGIC Studios will be producing the animations, graphics, and augmented reality for this project. The floor then opened for questions and ended in a well-attended and engaged session.