Historical Map and History of Ontario County provided by Library of Congress

Update on Virtual Museum Project as of November 27, 2023


Project Overview/Scope

Two year project to be finished by April 2025

Market NY CFA – Capital Grant - Valued at $900,000 ($180,000 grant – remainder local)

Ontario County Liaison – Tom Harvey, Planning Department.

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Original Timeline based on 3/15/23 Start

Contract Signed: 6/20/23 pushing project start out by three months.

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Major Activities:


Meetings with various historians (our content generators) – May and November 2023

Individual meetings with key leaders: Victor, Farmington

Participation in National Historic Marker Day

Ongoing submission for inventory

Additional Considerations

Looking ahead to America’s 250; sensitivity to Sullivan Expedition and Native American History


20 – One from each town (plus county)

10 – Thematic (tourism)

10 – New

10 – Educational with Student engagement

Recommended Inventory Items

RFP for Inventory to go out by December 1

*Note: SEQR Review Assistance from Ontario County Planning Department

Identify purveyors of this technology

Several identified with specific meetings to explore before issuing RFP. 

1. STQRY – Rochester based

2. 4th Idea – Buffalo based; award winning agency representing several tourism clients.

  • Previously assisted Dutchess County on their America’s 250 coaster project - coaster that display a small George Washington when a phone is pointed at it. 

3. Magic Studios – RIT, in cooperation with STQRY.

4. Hologram

RFP’s and SEQR

RFP #1.  Inventory Update and Details for Top 20 or all 50

Considerations: What does planning need to proceed. We’ll have that inventoried

SEQR.  Work with Planning

RFP #2. AR Companies

RFP #3. Content Coordinator

RFP #4. Technology Integration

RFP #5. Physical signage needs, production

RFP #6. Signage installation, clean-up, etc.