There are so many activities you and your family can do here in the Finger Lakes, and since many families consider their pet as part of their family, I wanted to show you how our family spends time with our Golden Retriever, Lucy.  
On a hot summer day, we want to stay as cool as possible.  One of the things we love to do is take Lucy for a swim at Lucy - Finger Lakes summer dogKershaw Park on Lakeshore Drive.  There is a spot designated for canoes and kayaks to launch from and lucky for Lucy, she can dive in from this spot, too!  Lucy loves to run right into the water and chase after anything you throw – a tennis ball, her “wubba” (her special water toy that kind of looks like a frog), or even just a stick.  It’s a great way to give her exercise while keeping her cool.  And while she’s having fun and staying cool, we can, too, by dipping our feet into the water!  But we’re always prepared to get more than our feet wet, because when Lucy comes out of the water, she will shake and spray water like a sprinkler!
Snack time!  After spending time at the lake, we’re starving, so we walk down the street to Scoops to order us an ice cream cone, milk shake, or whatever floats our boat!  I’m not very original, but I always love cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone.  Of course Lucy wants some, too! We don’t have to get fancy with Lucy; vanilla ice cream will do just fine.  While we enjoy licking our ice cream, we relax by sitting on the rocks next to the water, under the gazebo, on a picnic bench, or a swing.
While we wait for Lucy to dry off, we often take a leisurely walk down Lakeshore Drive to the historic boat pier.  We and Canandaigua Lake boathouses, Finger LakesLucy love all of the colorful boathouses that are uniquely decorated by the owners.  As we walk along the edge of the pier, we look around and see some gatherings at boathouses and people fishing.  It’s even fun to look down at the water and see fish swimming.  Plus, from there we are able to look out and see Squaw Island (one of the only islands in the Finger Lakes and its history is intriguing).  If you really want to spoil dinner, you can stop in the ice cream shop that is along the pier, or you can save it for another day – maybe another trip.  Take a souvenir home with you from Captain Gray’s Bait & Lake, where they have t-shirts, postcards and other novelty items. 
It’s amazing how much there is to do just on one street, even with your four legged family member along.  When you visit the Finger Lakes, I know that “Fido” will lick you as a way of thanking you for a day of fun!