How lucky am I that I get to take a short drive to work every day in the Finger Lakes? It’s safe, short, and it’s beautiful! 

I have read many blogs that mention what we see out our windows every day, but nothing can top, in my opinion, the random views of the lake, the sunrise, the surprises - like hot air balloons or vast fields of fresh food that I know I can buy later that afternoon at the honor system farm stands on my way home. It’s all delicious – the experience, the views, the tastes, the sounds, and the naturalness of it all. OK, so what am I waiting for? Here’s my photo essay of one day on my drive to work. You too can have these views and serenity of mind when you visit our Finger Lakes.

If you’re a local and reading this – come on and post your great views too!


It’s hard to get past this spot because it’s just so tempting to sit in those chairs at the Canandaigua Yacht Club and watch the sunrise across the lake. Not on my way to work, but you too can catch the ultimate sunrise from County Road #12 near Naples. It’s especially beautiful in the fall.


Next stop, Wegmans. We know that Wegmans is getting a little more national, but the Canandaigua store near Danny’s home (and mine) have always been a little special to pick up whatever you need!  That day, upon leaving…a bonus…balloons over Wegmans. Want to take a ride yourself? Head over to Chalet of Canandaigua, a launch site that can hook you up with this floating wonder!


Speaking of balloons, I decided to chase this one and captured this sun, balloon and expansive field in the Town of Gorham. Gorham has some of the best lake views, farm landscapes, and it has Cottage City. Check out one of the newest restaurants - Eastside Grill and Pub – a low key local favorite already!

city-pier-from-kershaw canandaigua-lake-still-water

After my big balloon chase, I decided there was still too much beauty to soak in and I continued back to 19 Susan B. Anthony Lane via Lakeshore Drive in Canandaigua. Along that route there are so many opportunities to grab a scenic shot. Here are two! The City Pier from the park gives you a different angle on that old historic Steamboat dock. Today, it’s motorboats and sailboats, but beautiful, nonetheless.


While at Kershaw, I noted the Canandaigua Lake Water Trail sign and rack. I wanted to share this selfie because we were pleased to be a partner with them in developing and promoting a trail that the adventurous can take on their own, with docking points from the north, east and west side of Canandaigua Lake. Put this on your challenge list!


It was almost time to get to work, but a quick drive around the city pier was in order as the waters glistened a bit before most people were starting their day. Already open was The Pier Market’s Grab and Go. Need worms or a bike or another watercraft rental. They’re there for you. Also, Daydream Sailing sets out from here, and if you want an experience to remember for a lifetime, contact Brenda, the expert captain, trainer, and sailor of the “seas.”


Since we haven’t been able to travel far this year, and since my tradition is to take a picture of a “V” something on my European vacations, I thought I’d end my venture with this “V-tree” in Kershaw Park. Why? I felt like in that ½ hour on my way to work, that I had a mini-adventure of a vacation. And, even though my everyday job is to bring people here to do all these fun things, I never take it for granted that I get to do them every day, if I choose to!  Want more of these ideas, or want to see more of my pictures? Check them out here!