August in the Finger Lakes. Summer is in full swing. Peaches, sweet corn and plums are showing up at the Farmers Market and also in the recipes of the local restaurants. Our office is busier than ever (we're having winter ski marketing meetings - in 90 degree August weather) but I had a few vacation days coming up, so thought it would be a great time for a weekday getaway with the grandkids.

We had a car full and were very interested in cooling off a bit, lakeside, so we headed to Onanda Park on Canandaigua Lake. This park offers playgrounds, swimming, hiking trails, and also lodge or cabins rentals in the summer. Camping, too.  But, again, we were after the beach. It was busy, but not too crowded. Plenty of space for the 5 of us. The youngest was just interested in finding these tiny, tiny shells, the middle guy dug himself a hole on the beach that he could sit in, and the oldest just had a blast dodging the waves from the waterski boats.

Onanda Park crosses West Lake Road and reaches the crest of the hill opposite the lake. There is a gorge and creek that cuts right through that hill. So in the heat of the day, we took a couple pails and headed off for a creekwalk. You can walk from the lake side of the park to the opposite side by walking under the road in the creek, or crossing the quiet country road. It had not rained for a few weeks, so the creek and the first small waterfalls were a little thin. That didn't bother the grandkids in the least, and it had to be 10 degrees cooler under the canopy of trees. Mind if I share some photos?The canopy of trees at Onanda ParkCreek walking in the Finger LakesCentipede in the creek bed

Normally, a hike or creekwalk is based on how much time I have to' get it done', as opposed to this day of wondering and exploring and getting lost in the sounds and activity of a small creek. That's what I love about kids and summer. Give them a plastic container and a creek, and no other instructions are needed.

Go to our Onanda Beach and Park page for details, contact information and to download a map of the park.