Every Sip Counts

Ontario County Department of Sustainability and Solid Waste Management is Partnering with Finger Lakes Visitors Connection to help reduce single use plastic waste throughout our county. We have developed the “Every Sip Counts” campaign that partners with businesses to encourage an opt in policy that requires a customer to request a straw instead of being provided one automatically. The campaign is an optional program, not a ban. We believe that business owners and customers value practices that reduce waste.

At a straw-optional facility, customers request a straw instead of being given one with their drink by default. This one small change greatly reduces the amount of straws that get thrown out without ever being opened having a positive impact on our region's environmental health.

You can find more information on the Ontario County Website


Below you will find a list of our participating partners in the County.

New York Kitchen

New York Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 2006 with a mission to educate, engage and excite visitors of the incredible agricultural, craft beverage and culinary industries in New York State. NYK’s state-of-the-art facility features two Hands-On...