Canandaigua Lake in the Fall

Celebrate National Pie Day!

Naples, N.Y. - Not many people outside of New York State get to experience the grape pie. It's unique to the Finger Lakes Region and has remained an elusive foodie delight in our area since the 1960s. But this year, Arbor Hill is making the famous Naples Grape Pie available for all to try. Whether you are observing National Pie Day on January 23 or National Pi Day on March 14, a grape pie is a great way to celebrate…

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Skiers and Snowboarders Embrace The Arctic Vortex At Bristol Mountain

Canandaigua, NY (January 7, 2014), With frozen smiles are their faces diehard skiers and snowboarders converged on Bristol Mountain today. The same theme was heard from all, “Protecting exposed skin, layering clothes and frequent breaks is the key to getting quality runs in on the slopes in this type of weather condition”.  On a break, seventy-seven year old season passholder,  Ed Cook described the conditions as fine today.  When asked if he was going back out after his coffee break he, gave an enthusiastic, “Yep!, It’s a good day to ski”. …

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