I'd call this a perfect Saturday in the Finger Lakes. It started at Roseland Waterpark with my mom, dad, brother, and boyfriend, and I enjoyed getting sloshed around in the Giant Wave Pool. Every five minutes the waves will be on and tossing you about, and after five minutes, they’ll shut off, and you’ll know when the waves come back on because of the chanting of the countdown from ten by the teens in the pool. 

After the excitement of the wave pool, it was time to take it easy and relax in the Adventure River (aka, the Lazy River).

Next, sliding down the Mammoth in a giant tube was very exhilarating. With three people in the tube, we were tossed on the side, and when we would come back down, a wall of water would rain down on us, getting us completely drenched.

Right next door to the Mammoth were the Extreme Tube Rides. You could slide down these in double and single tubes, which made the day perfect. After messing around in The Splash Factory with my brother, we headed to the concessions for a little snack of French fries and a large Mountain Dew.  We then went back to the Mammoth for another trip down. This time we were spun at the top, so the entire time we were slowly shifting in the raft as we were splashed and tossed on and off the sides of the ride.  
After a long day at Roseland, we headed home for some dinner.  After dinner, we took a walk down the Ontario Pathways. We saw a deer, a frog, and a bunny! The Pathways are my favorite place to walk because of the natural beauty that is around you in the woods. On our walk, we were passed by three bicyclists and a runner also enjoying the trail.  Since it was a Saturday, when we crossed County Road 4, we got a glimpse of the automobile races that were going on at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park.
I had a wonderful Saturday spending time with my family in the Finger Lakes! A water park, dinner and a nice walk through the woods were exactly what was needed for a fun, and relaxing weekend!