The Lake House on Canandaigua is home to Rose Tavern, a delicious and locally-sourced restaurant in Ontario County. Their menu is composed of seasonally curated New American dishes that always deliver a burst of flavor. As we transition out of the winter season, we wanted to give one final shout out to a delicious winter dish created by the Rose Tavern culinary team: The Beet Salad.

Thank you so much to the Rose Tavern team for providing us this recipe!


Braised Beets:

Red Beats                    8.0 lbs. (wt.)

Lemons                        1 (cut into wheels)

Thyme                          4 sprigs

Whole Cloves               2 grams

Whole All-Spice            3 grams 

Pink Peppercorns         6 grams 

Tart or Sweet Cherries 12.0 oz. (wt.)

Orange Juice                3 cups

Water                            3 cups

Corn Syrup                   1.5 cups


1. rinse, and cut off beets

2. put beets and the rest of the ingredients into 400 hotel pan (a 12 x 20 in., 4 in. deep stainless steel pan)

3. put parchment paper on top of beets, so it is flush against them

4. wrap the top of the pan tight with plastic wrap, then a double layer of aluminum foil

5. cook at 225* F (heat), medium fan speed, for 1 hour and 30 minutes, or until beets are tender

6. let beets cool, then peel and dice them into medium sized chunks for storage

Optional: 7. reserve braising liquid for reducing; take reserved braising liquid and in a pan, slowly reduce down to a syrup consistency to be lathered on beets when served 

Serve beets with apricots, parmesan pebbles, and top with microgreens

Prep time:                                 Yield:                                   Shelf Life:

Roughly 4 hours                       Beets- 7.0 lbs. (wt)              1.5 weeks

                                                 reduction- 3 cups