theresa with wine
Theresa VanWormer

A recent convert to the Finger Lakes region, Theresa VanWormer is a new addition to the FLVC team as a content creator. A lover of the outdoors, small businesses, and good food, she is excited to experience all this region has to offer. In her free time, Theresa likes to find fun ways to exercise, loves to try new wine with her friends, and is always reading something. Theresa moved to Rochester four years ago from Watertown, NY to attend St. John Fisher University. She graduated in December 2022 and received her bachelor’s degree in English, dual minors in Marketing and Media Communication, and completed a program to receive a NYS Professional Writing Certificate.

Budget Friendly Ways to Visit the Finger Lakes

Ahh, vacation. That wonderful time when you get to slide out of school, push work to the wayside and relax with the family. If done well, there’s nothing more enjoyable than breaking out the board games and settling in for some stories as you kick back in the gentle ease of no responsibilities. We all know that a little time off goes a long way in the happiness column, but it’s important to remember the dollars and cents that go into crafting each successful getaway. When planning the perfect vacation, having a travel budget is essential. Without it, an unexpected expense or two could make for a short-lived utopia. Fortunately, the Finger Lakes offer a plethora of options at a variety of price points to ensure a vacation that can be tailored to any travel budget. Mix and match or go straight down the line—we put together a list of options to fit any dollar amount…

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2024 Solar Eclipse in the Finger Lakes: What to Know

On April 8, 2024, people across North America will experience an event that hasn’t occurred in years: a solar eclipse. This celestial event occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, blocking all or part of the sun. If you want to witness the Great North American Eclipse firsthand…

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