Are you looking for a delicious, cozy, and unique place to enjoy a date night, brunch with friends, or a family gathering? Introducing Simply Crepes, a homespun craft kitchen! If you are visiting Ontario County, you’ll have to stop by their location on Main Street, Canandaigua.


simply crepes exterior


When you think about a crepe, what do you imagine? Is it the intoxicating smell of brown sugar and strawberries? Or you’re a savory savant who prefers fresh eggs and cheese? Maybe you aren’t a fan of crepes at all, and would prefer tomato soup with grilled cheese, or coconut curry chicken. Here is the amazing thing about Simply Crepes: you will discover something you have never tried before, and it will be so delicious that you will not be able to get it off your mind. Recently I stopped by to try some of their famous homemade recipes, and I am still thinking about it in the days since!


Simply Crepes Coffee flight


First, start with a drink! Options range from hot tea, to mimosa’s, to iced shaken espressos, and if you’re brave, a boozy coffee flight (pictured above). I am a coffee lover at heart, and highly recommend any coffee or espresso-based beverages they have. There is nothing like sipping a latte by the fireplace in their cozy dining room that is filled with natural light, it is a surefire way to warm the winter blues.


The staff is very warm and helpful, and as they passed out menus, explained their favorite meals, the most loved being the Thai Curry Crepe! Along with my passion for coffee, another favorite of mine is Thai food. I was absolutely intrigued, because although I like both crepes and Thai, I would never myself think to put them together. Along with that crepe, my companions also ordered Crispy Crepe Chips with whipped ricotta cheese covered in apricot hot honey, as well as their famous tomato soup and grilled cheese, and a seasonal veggie salad with crepe croutons to share.


simply crepes food


Simply Crepes’ food is delicious, but most of all, unique. The flavors come from locally sourced whole foods, and they are not afraid to try to create something new. The crepe chips and dipping cheese were buttery, sweet, and had just the right amount of heat. Turning a crepe into a chip or crouton is an example of the creative ways they incorporate the namesake of the restaurant into a diverse menu. The tomato soup and grilled cheese, although crepe-less, was delicious, warm, and filling. A perfect meal for a chilly day!


thai curry crepe canandaigua


Now for the star of the show… the Thai Curry Crepe! You cannot get this dish anywhere else besides Simply Crepes, and I have been hoping to go back and get it ever since. The curry is spiced, creamy, has hints of coconut and peanut, and feels like an embrace all wrapped up in a delicious buttery crepe. Also inside, are sauteed red bell peppers, onion, and bok choi, as well as your choice of chicken or tofu. This dish is a fusion of all foods good, and while I can’t tell you how it comes together so perfectly, I can say that you absolutely need to give Simply Crepes a try. Life changing.


Stop by Simply Crepes at 101 Main Street Canandaigua, NY. You can either take out or eat in, but either way make sure to put in a reservation, this spot is always busy! Take a picture of your dish and tag #FLXperience and @visitflx on Instagram or Facebook to have your picture featured on our page.