I've seen a lot of people do this. You swipe through your photo gallery when you have a few quiet moments and relive briefly the many "things" you've done in the last few hours/days/weeks/months. I did just that today and was inspired to share some of the great "pics" from my phone. Last night, for instance, as I was driving home from a fantastic dinner at a new-to-me restaurant (Big Bass Brasserie) in the little village of Bloomfield I saw the biggest moon I have seen in a very, very long time.  I was heading east on Routes 5 and 20 toward home when the bright, full, big, round moon literally appeared to be sitting on the crest of the next hill, covering the whole road.


moon-light-finger-lakes-driving-treeRoutes 5 and 20, the "Authentic American Road" got really authentic in a hurry as cars and lawn tractors were pulling over to capture this amazing sight. I pulled over too and then I decided to chase the moon all the way home. I took a side road to see how the moon would look juxtaposed against a silo. This picture above is what I captured just outside of Canandaigua. The shadowy figure of the horse against the moon with the perfect white fence was an awesome site. Here's another view just up the road with a well-lit pine tree and the moon hanging between the branches. 

big-bass-brasserie-bloomfield-chalk-sun-flowerIn admiring these pictures I remembered what started them! A night out in which I'd driven through the Finger Lakes "Little Lakes" area. I had traversed by farm fields and patches of fresh sunflowers. People had pulled off the road there too and the phones were clicking those pictures, capturing the moment. I love sunflowers but didn't have time to stop. But, the sunflower awaited me and my dinner mate, Carol, snapped this picture of one right at the table of the Brasserie. On our way in to the restaurant, we admired the chalk art on the sidewalk. If you look really closely at this, you'll see that they even left the chalk for you to add on to if you'd like. Another moment worth remembering. 


scoops-ice-cream-canandaigua-hudson-chairsAnd, sliding just a few more pictures and of course, I have to share this memory of my Pittsburgh based grandson visiting me and excitedly asking, "Grandma, can I go sit in those ice cream chairs?"  As any good Grandma would do, we stopped at Scoops in Canandaigua and enjoyed a cone together at the ice cream tables. The cone was delicious but the pictures capture  the real essence of Grandma and Hudson time - pure joy.

Looping back to the night as I chased that moon and arrived home, I thought to myself, "Aren't we lucky to live in the Finger Lakes and enjoy the full-moon lifestyle and the ability to chase the moon and capture it." If you're from here, I'm sure you know what I mean. This is a beautiful place to live. If you're a visitor, I hope you've found the joy of our setting and those special surprises that lie just at the crest of the next hill. If you've never been here - I hope these pictures are enough of a tease  to come.

I Love the Finger Lakes and I Love New York. And of course, I really love Hudson, as the bulk of my pictures on my phone will also reveal!