Spring in the Finger Lakes is my second favorite season (after summer of course).  Like so many who have to deal with a New York winter, I welcome the change in the weather.  After being cooped up all winter I cannot wait to get outside. By this time, I'm so ready to kick the winter blues.  I am full of energy and ready for a run, and what better place than along the north end of Canandaigua Lake!  The lake is one thing that I often take for granted, but today I can really appreciate its beauty.  It is a place where I can find peace and quiet despite the bustling activity.

For a warm up before my run, I like to start out at the City Pier. Sometimes I get distracted by the fishermen relaxing by the water as they wait for a fish to bite.  Just watching the lines bob up and down in the water mesmerizes me, getting me in the perfect state of mind for my run.
Part of my routine is to go to the end of the pier where people are sitting on the benches admiring the water or looking at the quaint boat houses. I understand that they are captivated by the history of the little buildings that were built over a century ago because they are not something that you can find many other places.  I stop to stretch by the cute little shop called Captain Gray's Bait & Lake Shop.  Not only can you buy fishing supplies, but if you are visiting the area you can purchase souvenirs to bring back home as evidenced by the little girl skipping out while swinging her souvenir bag.
With my warm up complete, I am ready to run down the path toward Kershaw Park.  I pass the benches and swings that are occupied on this spring day by people who, like me, have been waiting for the opportunity to get out and enjoy the natural beauty we have here.  I'm not the only one out enjoying the lake; fortunately the paths are wide enough for me to pass a couple walking their yellow lab as well as other walkers and bikers along the way.  
The revving of a motor out on the water catches my attention.  To my right, I have an outstanding view of Canandaigua Lake and a boat full of people taking advantage of the warm spring day.  A little ways away from them near shore, are people cheering as they race remote control sailboats around the dock.  It looks like fun, but I can't interrupt my jog to watch them.  I can’t resist following the path onto the gazebo to admire the fountain spraying from the lake and to catch one last glimpse of the races.  I stop to jog in place and laugh at the ducks swimming under the fountain, apparently enjoying their spring shower.  
Continuing on, I go to the end of the path and turn around.  I notice the families gathering in the park.  Adults are preparing for a picnic while the children play on the playground, reminding me of springs when my family came here to enjoy the park.  Seeing all of the food also makes my stomach growl, and I realize it is almost lunchtime.  While cooling down, I call a few friends to see if they want to meet me here for lunch.  As usual, they each have their own opinion on where to eat.  One wants to go to Nolan's, one votes for the Muar House, and the other lobbies for Steamboat Landing.  Since it is my idea and all of those are great options, I will decide where we go.  The one thing we all can agree on is going to Scoops for a soft vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles after lunch. (I know it defeats the purpose of my run but I just can't resist.)
As I walk back to my car, I’m struck again by how lucky I am to be surrounded by this natural beauty.  In the spring when there are flowers blooming and trees regaining their leaves, it is the perfect place to be.  It can be difficult to find somewhere that is both fun and relaxing at the same time, but this peaceful park is just the place.  If you haven’t experienced the north end of Canandaigua Lake, I highly recommend stopping by to see all that the lake has to offer.  I promise you will not be disappointed.