Have you ever just taken the time to sit and relax in the Finger Lakes? The Finger Lakes serve up daily doses of relaxation, and it’s a matter of taking the time to capture the moment.

It may sound simple, but have you really just ever sat and disconnected? Turned off the smart phone, turned off the tablet and tuned into the Finger Lakes? 

Well if you are up for it, below are my Top 5 places to sit and relax in the Finger Lakes.  Keep in mind: these are great all four seasons of the year! Fall is just around the corner, so check out these picture-perfect relaxing hideouts.

Canandaigua Lake, Kershaw Park

Kershaw Park, on the north end of Canandaigua Lake, is surrounded by picturesque boat houses, wildlife and natural wonders off in the distance. A total of 16 miles of natural beauty, Canandaigua Lake shows its true colors all four seasons of the year. Anytime is a good time to sit and relax by the waterside.

Tip: Kershaw Park has a wonderful playground for kids, is within walking distance to two ice cream shops and has personal watercraft rentals a stone’s throw away.  After relaxing, be sure to check them out!

County Road 12, Scenic Overlook

Looking north, raised atop the Bristol Hills is the County Road 12 Overlook. There are rolling vineyards off in the distance and waves moving gently flowing south below. A spot that is forever wild, the overlook will continue providing a disconnected feeling as you look north. It’s that one iconic spot you never knew you had to sit and relax at until now.  I know we may have some veteran relaxers out there who have been here before, so be sure to tell your friends about it!

Tip: Just up the road is Ontario County Park, home to the Jump Off.  Another beautiful spot overlooking the Bristol Valley - fantastic colors in the fall. Click here for more information and please don’t jump!

Seneca Lake,  Long Pier

The vast 35 miles of Seneca Lake, its sheer size and dark blue colors make it a true masterpiece. With the lake levels going 620-feet deep, it’s relaxing to sit on the shores wondering why the lake trout love it some much! I forgot to mention that it’s deemed the Lake Trout Capital of the World. Although the lake trout have a much different vantage point, we are welcomed with beautiful views from the shoreline.

Tip: This photo was taken at the Pier on Seneca Lake after a wonderful overnight at Ramada Geneva Lakefront which is just to my left on the shore. The north end of the lake is home to Seneca Lake State Park and much more, including an exciting line up of restaurants in Geneva! To capture the lake in its entirety, I had to take a panoramic photo!

Harriet Hollister Park, Scenic Overlook 

Whether it is hiking, biking, walking or sitting, Harriet Hollister Park is a wonderful four season do nothing or do everything spot!  Overlooking the south end of Honeoye Lake, each season brings a new masterpiece painted by nature at this very spot!

Tip: There is a bench right below where we were standing watching the mountain bikers go by! This spot is worthy of a good hour more of relaxation and with hit or miss service, your phone may not even work!

Canandaigua Outlet, Manchester Gateway Trail

I tend to write about this spot quite a bit, seeing it's right out my back door of my house. The Gateway trail runs along the Canandaigua Outlet offering several great locations to sit back and relax. Starting in the Village of Shortsville at Budd Park, the Trail offers choices of gazebos and benches to view the rapids. As everyone has a personal favorite, this may be mine seeing it’s close, serene and very well-preserved.

Tip: Near the end of the trail is a great area to let your canine friends go for a swim. Also this is a great spot to either launch or exit the water with a kayak or canoe.

So turn off your devices and tune in. Whether it’s a rainy or cloudy day, or even a snowy day it’s always a great day in the Finger Lakes.

What is your favorite place to sit and relax in the Finger Lakes?  Be sure to comment below, and don’t take too much time: your next moment in the Finger Lakes awaits!