Come for the lakes, stay for the… Pokémon? From Pikachu to Squirtle; for those aspiring Pokémon masters, we’ve done a little research on Pokémon in the Finger Lakes and where to find them. While the Finger Lakes are certainly scenic and great for a swim, kayak, or boat ride, it turns out they’re also a great place to find some Pokémon!



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If you haven’t already heard, Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm. An augmented reality-type game based on the player’s location within the physical world, Pokémon Go takes place in the setting of Nintendo’s Pokémon universe. The game is played on a smartphone through the Pokemon GO app and puts the player in the place of a Pokémon Trainer, encouraging players to get out and explore to find the rarest creatures and the best gear.

A trainer, the typical appearance of a player in the Pokemon GO app.A map of Main Street Canandaigua, NY from the Pokemon GO app.

Certain types of Pokémon seem more apt to appear in certain locations and apparently Water types are quite easy to find near our lakes. Kershaw Park and City Pier in Canandaigua are both massively popular spots for trainers to gather. Littered with Pokéstops, simply attach a lure to one and watch as the Water types practically beach themselves for you. Staryu, Psyduck, Polywhirl, Magikarp, and Slowpoke are all common here, and more rarely Squirtle, Seel, and Horsea can be seen as well. With a lure module, which attracts Pokémon to Pokéstops, Pokémon like Ryhorn, Cloyster, and even Pikachu have been captured.

Many Pokemon gather around a trainer, City Pier is a popular area for players of the Pokemon GO game to gather.A Cloyster, shell like Pokemon from the Pokemon GO app.

Main Street Canandaigua is another great location to explore, with many Pokéstops along the way and many places to grab a bite or a beverage along the way. Meowth and Taurus can be sighted and the gym leaders here are some of the toughest in the area if you’re or your squad are looking for a challenge!

A powerful trainer controls a gym in Downtown Canandaigua.

Geneva is no stranger to water types either, a lineup like the one above can be easily found at the Seneca Lake State Park in Geneva. The more urban environment there also seems to attract more Psychic and Ghost types as well; Ghastly, Haunter, and Hypno have all be found lurking in the area.

We wish you best of luck on your journey to be a Pokémon Master. Share photos of your finds with us on Twitter @VisitFingerLake and #FLXperience. Keep in mind that though we have observed these Pokémon in these areas, we can’t guarantee they’ll decide to be there if you visit. We also ask that if you choose to play in our area, remember to pay attention to traffic and other pedestrians, stay hydrated, and travel with friends – it’s both safer and more fun!

Stay tuned for more to come, we have more hunting to do but you can bet we’re going to catch ‘em all!

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