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Father's Day in The Finger Lakes

If we have learned anything from over a year of social distancing, isolation and too many zoom meetings it’s the importance of being with family, sharing experiences and making memories together (in person)! Dads have gone through a renaissance of sorts in the roles the play in the family, building…

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Fourth of July in the Finger Lakes - Let Freedom Ring!

This year, more than ever, Fourth of July weekend is a reason to celebrate the freedoms that we have missed so dearly over the past year. Our festivities may look a little different and we may be gathering in smaller groups, but they will be full of fun and appreciated more than ever. Ring of Fire…

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Take a Drive to the Finger Lakes

Just like everything else, summer vacation has taken on new meaning this year. International travel has paused, concerts are only seen on screens and festivals are going digital. In a way, it’s a return to the more relaxed days of yesteryear. No overflowing calendar, no frantic packing for that mad dash to the airport, and don’t even get us started on cruises. But despite all this, one classic summer staple remains the road trip. …

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7 Finger Lakes Gifts for Mother’s Day Quarantine Breakout Year

Last year, our team member, Kendall,wrote this blog for our quarantined selves and mothers. I thought it was worthy of a reprise with just a few edits. Given that many moms are freer this year because of vaccines, we know that there are a lot of reunions going. Many of Kendall's great ideas from last year are still great ideas for this year! Read on! For all of us, Mother’s Day is going to look a bit different this year. You may have been spending extra time with your mom than normal or unable to see her due to distance or because one (or both!) of you are essential workers. No matter how your Mother’s Day might look this year, here are 7 ways to show your mom, or the maternal figure in your life, just how much they mean to you! Many will even offer shipping right to her front door. …

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