There’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day (or any day) than to retreat into nature and hike in the Finger Lakes. Some of our Finger Lakes Visitors Connection staff are avid hikers and recently explored Rob's Trail near the Hemlock-Canadice State Forest. Here are seven great photos from their excursion in celebration of Mother Earth and the great outdoors!

Our team starts the journey with a selfie by the shores of Hemlock Lake.

Hiking group takes a selfie on the wooded shoreline of Hemlock Lake in New York's Finger Lakes.

The trail follows the shoreline of solemn Hemlock Lake. It's protected, forever wild waters are free from motorized vehicles and are often silent apart from the sounds of the woods. 

An old stone hearth lies crumbling in the Hemlock Forest, remnants of a long abandoned home.

Along the trail, you may spot old ruins if you look carefully. Though once settled, these shores were eventually abandoned when the land became protected. Now all that remains are the occasional ruins of what once was, like this hearth.

An old cobblestone foundation is set into the ground, long since abandoned to nature.

The occasional foundation is all that remains of some houses, though these too have been reclaimed by nature over time. 

A photo of Rob's trail creek taken from above, staring down in the direction of the stream flow.

After a brief incline, the trail opens into an expansive hemlock forest where you'll find this small creek running to Hemlock Lake.

The top of Rob's Trail opens into expansive shrub land with a variety of small, leafy bushes surrounding the trail.

The hemlock forest emerges into a shrub-filled field where you will find birds and other small animals scurrying about. The many varieties of plants here give this area a splash of color.

A hiker faces away from the camera, walking into the distance. On either side they are surrounded by young trees with bright green leaves.

Our team has nearly reached the end of the trail. Are you ready to follow in our footsteps? Get out and explore the great outdoors in the Finger Lakes. Share photos from your journey with us by posting them using #FLXperience!