Nestled in the heart of the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York, the Chalet of Canandaigua bed and breakfast is a sanctuary of tranquility and respite. As someone who lives in Rochester, there is always a part of me dreaming to escape the hustle and bustle to enjoy a laid back evening. In July, I was able to explore this beautiful property and meet the new owners, Lisa and Mike FitzGerald, as we celebrated a co-workers birthday at the Chalet. 

Pond at the Chalet of Canandaigua

The journey to the Chalet is a scenic drive. Upon entering the property you drive past a beautiful reflection pond outlined by willow trees, green fields that launch hot air balloons, and a blue heron gazing into the water. As you approach the entrance, a sense of calm envelops you, as if the Chalet itself exhales serenity. I was welcomed by Lisa and Mike when arriving, and they helped us set up delectable appetizers and decorations as a surprise. 


The Chalet is a beautiful property, all authentic wooden beams, cozy cabin rooms, fireplaces, and modern bathrooms. The kitchen is a wide open space where delicious three course breakfasts are made. The interior is equally enchanting as the outside with a blend of modern comforts and rustic charm. The large windows offer breathtaking views of the nature surrounding the cabin. On the back of the chalet there is a large patio with tables, chairs, and couches, perfect for enjoying breakfast outside in the morning sunshine, or enjoying a glass of wine with a group at night.

chalet of canandaigua event

The afternoon celebration was delightful and topped off with delicious sangria and wonderful conversation on the large yet cozy porch off the living room. As the night wore on and my colleagues departed from home, I took the quick 5 minute drive down to Canandaigua Lake. The lakeside drive is a beautiful location to experience water activity or a stroll along the waterfront. I enjoyed the view from the dock at the Canandaigua Yacht Club, full of tinkling, bobbing sailboats that float on the lake. I then walked down and discovered West Lake Schoolhouse and Beach, a small park and swimming spot that has a lifeguard during the day. It was too late to swim, but I enjoyed sticking my feet in the water as I watched the sunset paint colors in the sky.

chalet of canandaigua

The entire day and night was rich with a sense of serenity and welcome arms. I was able to spend time with Lisa and Mike who walked down to the pond to show me the natural beauty of the area. Lisa showed me the family of deer who love to drink from the pond's shiny surface. She taught me about the importance of the willow trees that keep the pond contained, and the beautiful way the pond acts like a mirror in the afternoon, creating Van Gogh reflections of the surrounding nature on its surface. 


The next morning, I joined for breakfast where I enjoyed a puff pastry stuffed with vegetables, a kiwi tart, and fruit cheesecake, along with an iced coffee. 

Chalet of Canandaigua Breakfast

The Chalet is an incredible bed and breakfast experience that provides you with a home away from home. The owners and staff welcome visitors with open arms, as does the property itself. If you're looking to visit Canandaigua for a peaceful retreat, Chalet of Canandaigua is a must see on your next trip. The Chalet is not just a place to stay; it is a sanctuary that awakens the senses, rekindles the appreciation for the nature, and reminds you of the importance of slowing down and embracing life's simple joys.