I’ll admit, I’m sitting at my desk really looking forward to the weekend!  It’s Labor Day weekend and some of the best vacationing traditions in the Finger Lakes happen this weekend.  Here’s the top one:  Ring of Fire.  (Followed closely is the second place event for me - the Branchport United Methodist Church Chicken Barbeque!)

hot air balloonCanandaigua, Honeoye and Keuka Lakes are set on fire at 9:00 p.m. on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. These “fires” are not dangerous; they are awesome!  Red flares, campfires, and bonfires are lit by local residents signifying the end of “summer” and the beginning of the fall harvest season.ring of fire canandaigua lake

I don’t live on the lake, but luckily have friends that do and are generous in inviting my husband, Kurt and me over for a party or two. One of my most memorable Labor Day weekend events was when I had the new camera and could experiment with the lenses, etc. to capture some pictures of this tradition. Those are the pictures that you see here!  This year, the city of Canandaigua sponsored fireworks and it was like winning the trifecta x 2:  barbeque, ring of fire around the lake and the sky over Kershaw Park pulsating with lights and shapes and of course – big booming sounds.  Great barbecue, smores at the campfire and even hot air balloons floating across the lake. 

wine ring of fire canandaigua lakeThanks to the Blazeys – the Knoblauchs had a front row seat to one of the most spectacular, historically rooted traditions in the Finger Lakes!

Every one in the office was talking about their Labor Day plans here. None of us need to make a long trip for fun – we can drive to a hilltop overlooking a lake, enjoy the show and meander home.  Guests and visitors – well some make the trek because they’ve seen the Ring of Fire and wouldn’t miss it for anything. Others are pleasantly surprised and promise they’ll be back in the future.

Do you want in on the action for Labor Day weekend? Well, go to our website: www.visitfingerlakes.com and in our search browser type in Ring of Fire and you’ll see all the other fun stuff there is to do around here.

As AJ in our office says, “Labor Day here is the celebration that in the Finger Lakes, we work hard and we play hard!”  So, think about getting out and playing hard this Labor Day weekend.  As for me … this blog post will be the last thing I do before I take to the lake and leave this desk!  See you, in spirit, at the Ring of Fire – because there’s over 120 miles of shoreline that might be lit up and you’re nearly guaranteed to have a bit of private viewing space in our wide open Finger Lakes landscape.  You know where I’ll be!