Let me start with a few questions... have you ever have a Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake? Or have you tasted a still warm, just picked strawberry, blueberry or cherry tomato? How about a Grape Pie?must tastes of the Finger Lakes

I thought as much. Here then, is my list of Top 10 Finger Lakes tastes you can't miss during your visit:

1 ~ Taste Grape Pie - for sure. One of the most talked-about desserts in the Finger Lakes Region is Grape Pie. Plan a fall visit to Naples where you'll find authentic Grape Pies at roadside grape stands and local restaurants.

2 ~ Sample Finger Lakes Wine - This is a no-brainer. Some of the world's most skillful wines are produced in the Finger Lakes Region and local winemakers are internationally recognized for their white wines - Rieslings and Traminette (among others).

3 ~ Naples Valley Mustards - Naples Valley Brand Products include mustards, garlic specialties, marinated garlic, dipping oils, jams, and out-of-this-world-stuffed olives. Hello garlic!

4 ~ Decadent Dippers - Angelic Gourmet in Naples, NY is devoted to handmade creations. Try the Decadent Dippers - found in stores throughout the area - look in Sweet Expressions, in Canandaigua.

5 ~ Mountain Rise Granola - Chunky organic granola has been featured on the Food Network's Food Finds program. It is, as always, homemade and packaged on a certified organic farm in Naples, N.Y. Try it with yogurt and fresh berries.

6 ~  A cold Naked Dove Naked Black Raspberry Ale is now on tap (for the summer months only) and tasting great. Be sure to swing by one of the Finger Lakes newest breweries.

7 ~  Fresh Pressed Juices - A 500 acre orchard in the heart of the Finger Lakes, Red Jacket Orchards was originally planted in 1917 in Geneva, NY. Today they offer orchard fresh fruits (think apricots) and fresh 100% fruit juices. Taste the Fuji Apple Juice or the Healthy Purple. Available at any upstate Wegmans.

8 ~ Rainbow Trout - You don't have to be a sportsman to enjoy the fully-stocked waters of the 11 Finger Lakes. Try it on the grill.

9 ~ Farm Fresh Pickings - Strawberries, sweet corn, blueberries, apples, apricots, tomatoes and of course, grapes! Try the local icon - concords.

10 ~ Maple Products - Every March, the trusty Sugar Maple tree (those same trees that give us spectacular displays of color every autumn) begins the process that results in maple syrup. Want to see how it's done? Family fun and pancakes in March.