Canandaigua Lake Sunrise

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Small Town America - Finger Lakes Charm - Gorham, NY

I was on my way home from a family reunion a while ago and came over a small hill and literally stopped. I looked across the expansive fields of hay bales, into the white clouds, blue skies, and green, green, green. I knew that just about 18 miles away was Canandaigua – bustling with tourists and waterfront activity. Beyond that in another 20 miles is Rochester with nearly 350,000 people. Right now though, in my world over that hill, there were no people – and that’s the kind of moment that is just as precious in our tourism world.  Real, authentic, fresh air in the country!  I was in Gorham, New York…

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Where to say cheers & share beers: 7 local Finger Lakes bars

Perhaps you have come to the Finger Lakes to explore our world-famous Rieslings and our award-winning farm-to-table fare. That’s all well and good, but let’s face it, sometimes a cold beer and a hefty burger are exactly what the vacation doctor calls for, with a big side of local culture.From re-purposed shotgun shells turned into lighting fixtures to free legal advice from town supervisors, here are some of the best off-the-beaten-path watering holes, dive bars and neighbor joints in the Finger Lakes where you can easily feel like a regular…

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9 things to do in the Finger Lakes this winter

When winter weather comes to the northeast, a few misguided folks flock to the south, but they don't know what they're missing! While the south may be warmer during the winter, there are plenty of ways to escape, relax and rejuvenate right here in the Finger Lakes that you would miss out on…

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Looking for Father's Day Ideas? Here's our weekend round-up!

Time to kick back and relax!This year marks my third year as a father and I'm looking forward to carving out a special time on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate! The only challenge I'm having is what to do first. Here's my list of choices - what do you think I should do…

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Nature’s Health Club takes to the Trees!

If you haven’t taken to the trees and explored the canopy atBristol Mountain Aerial Adventures you are missing out. The Finger Lakes is a premiere outdoor recreation destination. Hands down it’s the best health club with a view. Thanks, Mother Nature! The Aerial Park boasts seven challenging courses, two kids courses, 125-plus elements (elements are the fun stuff!) and (wow!) 5,000 feet of zip line…

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Top 10 Must Tastes

Let me start with a few questions... have you ever have a Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake? Or have you tasted a still warm, just picked strawberry, blueberry or cherry tomato? How about a Grape Pie? I thought as much. Here then, is my list of Top 10 Finger Lakes tastes you can't miss during your visit: 1…

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