2024 Total Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, we'll be experiencing a phenomenon--The Great North American Solar Eclipse! Viewing a total solar eclipse is a rare occurrence and only takes the same path about every 100 years. As some may remember, the last solar eclipse over North America took place seven years ago, leaving only a sliver of the sun visible. Unfortunately for us, that last eclipse did not cross Ontario County, NY. Despite this, the Rochester area will be in this 2024 celestial event's path of totality, meaning we will be able to see a full eclipse for approximately 2 minutes and 52 seconds. For the three minutes that the moon will totally eclipse the sun, the daylight will be reduced to twilight conditions. The eclipse will begin at 2:07 PM, peak at 3:20 PM, and end around 4:33 PM. An event like this is less frequent than once in a lifetime, the next projected total eclipse to have Rochester, NY in its shadow is projected for October 26, 2144! To learn more about the total solar eclipse, where to watch in Ontario County, and safety precautions…. keep reading below.

Hear from Debra Ross, Co-Chair of the National Eclipse force and Chairperson of Rochester's Eclipse Task Force

The following video, put together by our friends at FLCC along with Debra Ross, will help you prepare for the upcoming 2024 eclipse. 

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