Canandaigua Lake Sunrise

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My Finger Lakes New Year's Resolutions

I recently read a statistic that 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The top 5? It’s the usual boring stuff: 1. Lose weight 2. Get organized 3. Spend less, save more 4. Enjoy life to the fullest 5. Learn something new and exciting   I’m not too keen on these, so this year, I’ve decided to turn the top five New Year’s resolutions into Finger Lakes resolutions! Here’s how I recommend adapting America’s top 5 New Year’s resolutions to Finger Lakes resolutions…

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A Taste of Finger Lakes -- or actually several (delicious!) tastes

I had my list. Ten must-visit attractions. And six hours to see them. Piece of cake, right?   It sure helps to know a local. My friend NYLaurie, who calls me AZLaurie, plotted an impressive route. Starting at Simply Crepes in Canandaigua, where three of us ordered three crepes and divided each into thirds, was a smart move…

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Six ways to keep warm in the Finger Lakes

Brr… that’s right - it’s that time of year when you find every way possible to keep warm. As Nat King Cole puts it “Baby it’s cold outside.” So kick back and relax while enjoying your favorite glass of a warm Finger Lakes something. Maybe it’s a cup coffee from Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters or mulled wine from White Springs Winery.   Here are some more of my favorite Finger Lakes “goods” and tips to keep warm this winter…

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25 Gorham Street on Display for Sonnenberg Tour of Homes

Finger Lakes Visitors Connection is pleased to be a part of the 2014 Sonnenberg Tour of Homes. We hope that you’ll all get out to take advantage of this fundraiser and glimpse of Canandaigua – and its lifestyle. The tourism bureau moved into 25 Gorham Street in August of 2003. See the picture at right. We actually had one member of the team call it the "Chia Pet" house. …

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