Craft beer is having a moment, especially here in New York State. While the Finger Lakes area is most commonly associated with wine, the presence of breweries throughout Ontario County cannot be overlooked. To celebrate American Craft Beer Week, I decided to round up some pictures from our local breweries—and maybe inspire you to go have a pint or two this weekend. (I know I will!) 



The VB Brewery



Located in the heart of the village of Victor, VB Brewery is the place for tastings and drinking alike! I love this image from Steven Tryon—is there anything better than live music and some beer with friends?

Naked Dove Brewing Company



Scramble the names of founders Dave, Ken and Don and you get Naked Dove, located right in Canandaigua. They’re passionate about beers and drinking local, and I’m passionate about them naming one of their beers Belma and Louise!

Brew & Brats at Arbor Hill


You knew Arbor Hill had your wine needs met, but did you know it runs a restaurant, too? Just as the name suggests, the menu is chock-full of various beer and sausage options, so grab a glass and enjoy the beauty of Naples!

Glass Factory Bay Brewing



You may not have the money for a getaway, but you can take flight with beer and views at Glass Factory Bay Brewing in Geneva! All its beer, both alcoholic and root, is crafted and brewed right from its home base on Seneca Lake. Did you know the spot used to actually be a glass factory in the 1800s?

The Lost Borough Brewing Company



The Brewery Brainiac knows his beers (as his name suggests), so if he’s shouting out the Base Camp Cream Ale, you know it’s a must-try. Located just north of Ontario County in Rochester, Lost Borough is the brain child of Dave and Dan—two men in search of the perfect beer.

Noble Shepherd Craft Brewery



From this picture, you might think you’re on safari, but really this picture comes from Noble Shepherd’s HQ in Bloomfield. (Why yes, that IS a giraffe wearing a wizard hat coming out of the roof!) Run by a dynamite husband-and-wife team, divine intervention brought them to this spot in 2015. Come out and celebrate spring in their tasting room!

Twisted Rail Brewing Company


Mariel Maida has it right with this picture—this is warm-weather #goals at Twisted Rail! Head to their locations in Canandaigua, Geneva or Macedon for a flight or a pint with a gorgeous view.


If these snaps from the road don’t have you running to grab your keys for a pint or two of local beer, I don’t know what will! Celebrate the Finger Lakes craft beer scene with a stop at a brewery in Ontario County or another stop on the newly launched ROC/FLX Craft Beverage Trail.

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