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Taking care of the "family antique collection" seemed to be the theme of the day when I recently took my Dad to a doctor’s appointment and my uncle was along for the ride.

My Dad is the kind of guy who gets a kick out being referred to as an antique. But in my book, antiques are valued treasures, and he is definitely one of mine. 

So, a funny thing happened on the way home from the appointment – where my Dad had some testing done.  While we headed out for breakfast I remembered that the Stanley Steamers were touring in Canandaigua.  These antique cars are all open-topped and run on steam and have the greatest horns ever.

Just because you’re on vacation does not mean you have to take a vacation from celebrating the country’s most patriotic of holidays, Independence Day, or Fourth of July.

Ontario County has several celebrations happening, ranging from a parade, a picnic and fireworks to a lakeside ring of fire.

The latter, Honeoye Lake’s ring of fire, is especially endearing to Finger Lakes residents. Flares are lit on shore all around the lake, encircling the water with beautiful brightness that ascends to the summer sky. The Ring of Fire is also a beloved end-of-summer ritual on Canandaigua Lake on the Saturday before Labor Day. 

Here is the schedule of events.

Geneva wins All-America City award

Friday, June 19, 2015 9:54 AM by Karen Miltner

As a newcomer to the tourism industry, my position at the Finger Lakes Visitors Connection makes me look at the community where I live through a different lens. As I do this, a new philosophy emerges. It essentially boils down to this:

A great place to visit must also be a great place to live. 

Residents will learn about and love their community even more when they explore their own back yard like a tourist. Meanwhile, visitors more and more want to experience the life of the locals when they travel.

It’s a win-win all around.

My boyfriend Scott and I have saved the date (June 27) for a very special event. But we are not wearing anything special and we really don’t care if it rains or shines that day.

In fact, the more rain before Kirby’s Kompound Mud Bog, the better.  

What’s a mud bog, you ask? It pretty much boils down to grown men playing in the mud with their trucks. And a grown woman like me says it’s a hoot to watch.

Whenever I travel, one of the first things on my to-do list is to see where the locals shop for food. Of course I like eating at restaurants, but I love exploring the home cooking of different destinations even more, and a cook is only as good as the fresh, high-quality ingredients she buys.

Grocery stores, bakeries and ethnic markets are a year-round find, but in summer, the farmers markets are an open-air sampler plate not only of a community’s culinary bounty and inclinations but also of its cultural character.

National Trails Day in the Finger Lakes

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 4:21 PM by Carol Hicks

National Trails Day falls on the first Saturday in June.  I really don't see the need for a special day to honor all of the phenomenal hiking trails in our country. I believe they deserve recognition each and every day, especially the beloved trails in the Finger Lakes that I explore regularly with my dog Shadow.

Hiking and discovering new trails is a personal passion. Another passion is finding trail signs as Shadow and I trek around Ontario County. These signs share the story of the trail that lies ahead. They guide you on your adventure. They also provide a history of the trailblazers who came before us.

Please join Shadow and me as we share our passion for the path less traveled, and a passion for the signs that guide us on our way.

The Geneva Music Festival is a chamber music festival based in Geneva. But its lineup of world-renowned artists will also bring jazz, contemporary compositions and bluegrass to diverse venues in Canandaigua, Skaneateles and Auburn as well as Geneva. 

The festival kicks off its fifth season this weekend with three artists performing three piano trios at three different locations three nights in a row. 

Cellist Clive Greensmith of the former Tokyo String Quartet joins Geneva Music Festival founder and violinist Geoffrey Herd and pianist Christopher Janwong McKiggan (pictured here) to perform piano trios by Ravel, Turina and Brahms.